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    An active blog which supports the foundation “Music for Jeremy’s Cherubs’ which is located at www.music4jeremyscherubs.org We will post information about the foundation, and writings from those who knew and loved Jeremy on this blog and up-to-date information about the First Annual Celebration of Music 4 Jeremy’s Cherubs to be held on Saturday, June 6th, from 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., on the grounds of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, 11100 College Blvd., Overland Park, KS.

What’s in a middle name?

The choice of a first name of their child is taken very seriously by most parents. They spend hours researching various names seeking to find the perfect one. It must have the right meaning in every language, current and past. The process is normally aided by many interested parties – grandparents, soon-to-be aunts and uncles and occasionally the person behind you in the checkout line at the Barnes & Noble, “I see you are looking for a baby’s name, you know I always thought that Tiffany is a wonderful name, don’t you?”. “You smile as you silently think – no, I really don’t think that. I know in our case, my wife and I researched, discussed and debated potential names for months. We actually had a few names picked out before she was even pregnant. Unfortunately, they were names for girl and we ended up with two boys. So, as a result we completed a graduate thesis on nameology.

Once the first name is chosen, after countless hours and discussions, the name is chosen. After a collective sigh of relief, the parent’s faces take on a look of horror as they suddenly realize, oh no, we need a middle name too! Now the first episode of the five-second rule occurs. The middle name is chosen in a slightly different manner and without the careful deliberation that was given to the first name. Perhaps the choice is made to honor a favorite relative. I think the choice is often based on how well it flows with the first and last name. The mandate is a name that does not have too many syllables and is not overly sophisticated. That is why middle names like Lee (mine) or Lynn (my wife’s) are so common. It is a sort of mental surrender, basically, “yeah sure, whatever”.

When you hear the words summer house what images come into your mind? I am guessing images are of lazy summer days full of laughing children, water balloon fights and cannonball dives that had the sole purpose of getting as many people as wet as possible emerge. Personally, I think of carefree days followed by nights catching fireflies and sleepovers. Maybe your family had a summer house near the ocean where vacations were spent. Those vacations typically meant trying to squeeze a year of play into two short weeks. But in those few weeks, memories that last a lifetime were made. The saddest part of summer and those times were that they went by much too fast. But those days remain a part of us – forever.

His name was Jeremy Summerhouse Frye.  He lived his life like a summer day. It was filled with laughter, music, horseplay, the innocent “Who Me?” look and love. The love of life, the love of friends and anyone he encountered along the way. It was a love that filled the world with the colors and sounds of those countless summer days. But just as those summer vacations ended much too soon, so did Jeremy’s time with us. Cancer took him from us after just twenty-three years. But just as the memories of those all-too-brief summer days linger forever and bring a smile and joy to our hearts so to, do our memories of him. I will never look at the world quite the same or the choice of a middle name. Summerhouse, it is the perfect middle name for a life lived like a summer day. His name was Jeremy Summerhouse Frey. His time with us was much too short, but no life was ever so full of the things that make a difference. Summerhouse – say it and like those memories of carefree summer days remember him and smile.

by Terry Amerine

I wonder what Jeremy is doing in Heaven?

Our beloved Jeremy left us eight months ago.  As we tried to console one another that June afternoon in his hospital room, someone asked, “I wonder what Jeremy is doing in Heaven?” to which someone responded, “He’s probably already teaching those cherubs how to sing and dance.”  That and Jeremy’s own desire to teach music to youngsters was all we needed.  The Music 4 Jeremy’s Cherubs Foundation began.  Here’s what we’re doing:

  •  Three scholarships will be awarded each year, one to each of Jeremy’s alma maters – Shawnee Mission South, Johnson County Community College, and Baker University – all for budding musicians.
  • Used musical instruments are being collected and rehabbed to be donated to needy elementary students in the Kansas City area.  We are so fortunate that the Ball family and Hen House Markets will serve as drop off sites.  Final arrangements are being made with Hen House so that, hopefully, we can begin the collection in March.  Watch the website for more information.  Additionally, BAC Horn Doctor, Unisource Document Products, Hume Music Co., and many other organizations and individuals have lent a hand to our efforts.
  • A key group of friends have spent significant volunteer time organizing the first annual celebration of Jeremy’s life.  The event will be held on the grounds of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church on Saturday, June 6.  Activities will include a silent auction, games for young people, several music groups, food, and much more.

Music 4 Jeremy’s Cherubs Foundation is affiliated with the Johnson County and Greater Kansas City Community Foundation.  Donations to our fund can be made online at our website through Donor Edge.

Last, we invite you to help us by circulating this information to your friends and neighbors.  Encourage them to visit www.music4jeremyscherubs.org.

Submitted by – Harold Frye, Jeremy’s Dad